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CNN Top Stories
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May 20, 2018

The corrosive gas mixture can cause lung, eye and skin irritation. And it's proven deadly in the past.
First it was catastrophic lava. Then it was sulfur dioxide. Now Big Island residents have yet another danger to worry about. ... click to read more

Aerials show lava river in Hawaii
Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is causing an increase in brush fires. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports. ... click to read more

These satellite images show how lava has seared neighborhoods
To get an idea of just how drastically lava flows have scorched the areas surrounding Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, take a look at these satellite images from DigitalGlobe. ... click to read more

Opinion: What the volcano is doing in Hawaii
Lava flows provide a unique opportunity to see geology happen in real time. Most geologic processes take place over millions of years -- the Andes are still rising, but you will not notice any significant elevation change over your lifetime. Volcanoes are different. You can see a volcanic landscape... click to read more

How to help the Hawaii volcano victims
Since the Kilauea volcano erupted on Hawaii's Big Island on the May 3rd, residents have faced an ongoing disaster. ... click to read more

Volcanic bombs, lava fountains and rift zones: Terms to know
Unless you're a meteorologist or you live in an area with an active volcano, you may not know that a hot spot can refer to more than just Wi-Fi. ... click to read more

Survivor's mom: Texas shooter yelled 'woo hoo' as he fired
One of the 10 people killed in the Texas school shooting was a girl who had rejected the suspect's advances for months, and stood up to him a week ago in class, the victim's mother said. ... click to read more

Victim's mom: Daughter rejected alleged shooter's advances
Students and family members of victims speak out about Dimitrios Pagourtzis who is accused of killing 10 people and wounding 13 others at Santa Fe High School in Texas. ... click to read more

These are the victims of the shooting
There were 10 people shot and killed in Friday's shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Ten others were wounded. ... click to read more

Opinion: Something important was different about this shooting
This newest shooting seems, sadly, familiar, but it is important that we pay attention to what is different here. ... click to read more

Governor's website continues to tout shotgun giveaway in aftermath of shooting
A gunman armed with a .38 revolver and a shotgun walked into Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday and killed 10 people, according to authorities. ... click to read more

As victims' families prepare to mourn, a rainbow appears overhead
As news vans were setting up Sunday morning for a church service for the Santa Fe school massacre victims, reporters looked up to see this: A rainbow adorning the Texas sky. ... click to read more

Texas Lt. Gov.: Need armed teachers, fewer school entrances
Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said after the nation's latest school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, that teachers need guns, parents should secure firearms safely at home, and schools should eliminate some of their entrances. ... click to read more

Trump to demand DOJ examine whether it or FBI spied on campaign
President Donald Trump said Sunday that he will demand that his Justice Department look into whether it or the FBI spied on his presidential campaign for political reasons. ... click to read more

Analysis: Trump said 11 false things in just 5 tweets this morning
On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted. And tweeted. And tweeted. ... click to read more

Jimmy Carter jabs at Trump's crowd size
Former President Jimmy Carter makes a subtle joke about the crowd size during President Trump's commencement speech the year prior at Liberty University in Virginia. ... click to read more

Intel chair says he won't meet with DOJ until he gets documents on confidential source
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday that he won't meet with the Justice Department until he is handed documents related to a confidential FBI source who spoke with Trump campaign aides in 2016 about Russian interference in the election. ... click to read more

'Deadpool 2' topples 'Avengers: Infinity War' at the box office
... click to read more

Tax cut sparks record-setting buyback boom
... click to read more

'The Fifth Element' director accused of rape
A rape investigation has been launched against one of France's best-known film directors, Luc Besson, the Paris prosecutor's office told CNN on Saturday. ... click to read more

Heisman Trophy winner dies at 80
... click to read more

Kellyanne Conway, anchor spar over leaks
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, gets into a heated discussion with CNN's Brian Stelter about leaks at the White House. ... click to read more

Meghan's royal bio is up and notes her 'proud feminist' credentials
For Harry and Meghan, it was the morning after the night before. For the rest of Britain, it was a day to reflect on an electrifying wedding that's being hailed as a transformative moment for the British monarchy. ... click to read more

NBA legend released from hospital
... click to read more

FYI: English isn't the official US language
Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer in New York, was the subject of a viral video last week after he was caught on camera berating staff members of a restaurant for speaking Spanish with customers. ... click to read more

Mountain lion kills biker, injures friend
One man was pronounced dead at the scene and another one was taken to a hospital after a mountain lion attacked the pair while they were biking in the Cascade Mountains near Seattle, according to the sheriff's office. ... click to read more

Opinion: Do falling rocks cause sea level rise?
As any teacher or parent knows, occasionally a public figure says something that has "teachable moment" written all over it. US Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, provided such an opportunity last week. ... click to read more

Rapper involved in near-death car crash
Rapper Offset from Migos shares photos of his mangled Dodge Challenger after being involved in a near-death car crash in Atlanta. ... click to read more

Ex-model and son die in plunge from hotel
A 47-year-old former model involved in a custody dispute plunged to her death from a Manhattan hotel Friday, according to three law enforcement sources. ... click to read more

Cavs have blueprint for playoff comeback
... click to read more

Robert De Niro reprises Mueller role on 'SNL' in season finale
"Saturday Night Live" marked special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation first anniversary with a spoof of "The Sopranos'" final scene. ... click to read more

'SNL' turns Trump into Tony Soprano
... click to read more

Moms of 'SNL' critique show's Trump jokes
In honor of Mother's Day, the cast of "Saturday Night Live" brought on their moms to critique the show's jokes about President Donald Trump. ... click to read more

'Weekend Update' anchors to host Emmy Awards
Colin Jost and Michael Che are taking their weekend gig to the Emmy stage. ... click to read more

Why some stores are winning and some are losing
... click to read more

It's not just you: Everything is more expensive
... click to read more

People are still shopping here. A lot
... click to read more

JCPenney is running out of time
... click to read more

New NFL stadium's price tag: $4B
... click to read more

Pro golfer's wife arrested; he denies her story
... click to read more

Watch surfers ride $30 million wave
Surfing legend Laird Hamilton saves dozens of people and animals from floodwaters in Hawaii. ... click to read more

Richard Branson considers this one of his biggest mistakes
... click to read more

'China's SpaceX' launches first private rocket
... click to read more

The drones that fly 24/7, no humans needed
... click to read more

Hey 'Speak English' guy, you forgot something
This morning I watched the viral video from the Fresh Kitchen deli in Manhattan, where a man is seen confronting staff and customers because he heard some diners speaking Spanish and the staff responding in Spanish. ... click to read more

How the GOP can save face in November
Republicans allowed a crucial farm bill that renewed major agriculture programs to fall apart over immigration on Friday, in the most recent demonstration of why the party should be worried about losing control of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. Each special election brings more evidence th... click to read more

White women like me, we need to talk
... click to read more

Thoughts and prayers this isn't true in Texas
Americans don't want to admit it. But we are used to this now. ... click to read more

Your best refinance rates for May 2018
... click to read more

2 savings accounts pay 10x what your bank pays
... click to read more

Results are in: Best travel credit cards of 2018
... click to read more

Trump really wants the (North Korean) show to go on
President Donald Trump wants Kim Jong Un to understand he really wants them to meet. ... click to read more

Mueller has a lot of options besides indicting Trump. Here they are
Rudy Giuliani's assertion to CNN this week that President Donald Trump can't be indicted by the special counsel, and thus can't face a subpoena, banks on a series of internal Justice Department policies. ... click to read more

Air Force apologizes for 'Yanny' or 'Laurel' tweet
The US Air Force apologized Thursday for its ill-advised attempt to incorporate the viral "Yanny" or "Laurel" meme into a tweet about repelling a Taliban attack in Afghanistan. ... click to read more

Cuomo presses Giuliani on informants claim
In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, the newest member of President Trump's legal team Rudy Giuliani said that the Trump team has been told that there were two government informants embedded in the Trump campaign. ... click to read more

Trump administration to bar abortions at facilities receiving federal family funds
President Donald Trump's administration plans to propose a new rule Friday that would bar abortions at facilities receiving federal family planning funds, according to two people familiar with the plans -- a move aimed squarely at Planned Parenthood, which accepts some federal money for non-abortio... click to read more

Christianity and depression: It's complicated
... click to read more

We have a vaccine for Ebola. Will it work this time?
The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the Ebola health risk assessment to "very high" in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ahead of an emergency meeting Friday to discuss the worsening outbreak. ... click to read more

How to keep travel snacks healthy
Traveling can wreak havoc on our diets, but packing a nutritious snack or meal before heading out the door can get us started on the right healthy eating track and perhaps give us a bit of wiggle room for indulgences before arriving at our destination. ... click to read more

Think twice before swimming at a hotel
Hotels set the stage for nearly a third of all disease outbreaks in the United States linked to chlorinated or treated water -- such as pools and hot tubs -- between 2000 and 2014, according to a new government report. During that 15-year period, a total of 493 outbreaks linked to treated recreati... click to read more

Teen develops 'wet lung' after vaping
An 18-year-old woman working as a hostess in a rural Pennsylvania restaurant decided to try e-cigarettes, perhaps another of the innumerable bistro workers hoping to calm frayed nerves with a smoke -- or in this case, a vape. ... click to read more

Jennifer Aniston to play POTUS in Netflix movie
Jennifer Aniston is headed to the White House in an upcoming Netflix comedy film, and she's bringing her wife with her. ... click to read more

Preview this summer's hottest movies
"Deadpool 2" isn't the only eagerly awaited film this summer. ... click to read more

John Travolta is still grooving
Imagine "Saturday Night Fever's" Tony Manero with some dad moves. ... click to read more

'Captain Marvel' won't be what you might expect
"Captain Marvel" is about a year away from theaters, but the final cut may not be what fans are anticipating. ... click to read more

Backstreet Boys are back (alright!)
If it feels like it's been a while since you've heard new music from the Backstreet Boys, it's because it has. But, as we all enjoy saying every few years: Backstreet's Back. ... click to read more

Sleeper train brings romance back to travel
... click to read more

In Armenia, there are beverage courses too
... click to read more

Spectacular photos from an airplane cockpit
Purple lightning, psychedelic sunsets, glowing clouds and swirling Northern Lights -- when it comes to crazily beautiful natural phenomena, airplane pilots have a front row seat. ... click to read more

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